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Studio X

Studio X is the full production recording facility owned and operated by Rave Tesar. It has been the birth place of countless recordings since 1980, and has been host to artists from every conceivable musical genre as well as spoken word, sound design and FX. Virtually anything that can be heard through a speaker system has been recorded at Studio X. Projects have ranged in scope from a songwriter's first demo to major label releases by veteran artists.

Producing and Engineering by Rave Tesar

With decades of experience as an engineer, producer, and musician, Rave Tesar combines the technical knowledge and artistic sensibilities that provide recording artists with a level of trust that is hard to match in the industry. Great care is taken to ensure that every recording captures the artist's dream and turns their true personality into sound.

Mixing and Mix Consultation

With powerful home computers and digital audio workstation software in the hands of practically everyone, more recordings are made now than ever before. But access to recording equipment has far outpaced the cultivation of veteran engineers. Those who have undertaken the recording of their own music for the first time are often overwhelmed by a process far more complex than imagined. Even those with experience may not feel their engineering skills to be on par with their musicianship. Whether you record in your living room or track in the biggest of studios, the final result of your project depends on a great mix. And for this, you need an expert like Rave.

How We Work

You can send your entire project to Studio X to be mixed here without ever meeting Rave face-to-face, and he'll send you files periodically for you to review. Or, you can come to the studio--either sitting through the whole process, or coming in only as needed. If you already have a mix on your own system that you think is close, you can send a stereo file for evaluation and receive detailed suggestions. Studio X is a full production facility that can help with any or all stages of your recording. Contact us to find out how we can help.

What is mastering?

Mastering is the final stage in a recording prior to replication and distribution. In terms of sound, it is the final overall adjusting of tone and level to ensure compatibility with other commercial releases. Music CDs, for example, typically have an expected volume output depending on the style of music, while broadcast material have other standards which are governed by law. Another consideration for music CDs is to ensure that all tracks are matched with one another. Whereas mixing focuses on giving a single song a polished sound unto itself, the mastering process involves comparing and adjusting all final mixes to create an even flow for the entire album. Mastering is also the point at which a track list is set with star IDs, proper spacing between tracks, and ISRC or other coding when necessary. A finished master is then saved in the proper file format and sent to the manufacturer. The mastering process involves many important steps and is best handled by someone with experience.

Mastering Services

Initially, we will preview your recorded material and open a discussion with you to establish the goals for a final sound and presentation. You can send any number of files to us in most formats. Mastering can be completed in as little as a few days depending on our current schedule. Files will be sent to you for review, and revisions will be made according to the specified plan. Final products can be uploaded by us directly to the manufacturer if requested.

Featured CD projects that have come through Studio X: